What must be included in mother’s and baby’s hospital luggage?


Expectant mothers must have completed the preparation both for herself and her baby as the time for delivery approaches and have made up a bag that includes the essentials she may need at the hospital and have it ready at all times.
Although the needs of the newborn baby are customarily met by hospitals, expectant mothers must be prepared for any difficulties they might experience and have all the essentials for the baby and themselves ready in their luggage. The expectant mother must prepare her luggage for a stay of 3 days at the hospital.

What must be included in the luggage?


Molfix Newborn Diapers: Newborn diapers that are designed to accommodate the sensitive umbilical cord area of your baby that still bears the clamped and cut umbilical cord.
Baby Clothing: Expectant mother must plan for a 3-day hospital stay and take 3 sets of everything. Care must be paid to ensure that baby clothing is made of cotton.
● 3 pieces of body
● 3 bodysuits
● 2 hats
● 3 pairs of socks
● 2 pairs of mittens
● 2 blankets


Nightgown: Front fastening or sleeveless, cotton nightgowns made of fine material; 3 nightgowns that would be comfortable to breastfeed in.
Robe: One robe for when walking around.
Shawl: A shawl to put on your shoulders when breastfeeding.
Socks: 2 pairs of cotton and comfortable socks.
Slippers: One size larger slippers that are easy to put on.
Breastfeeding bra: Two breastfeeding bras with a flap and front fastening.
Panties: 4-5 large size cotton panties.
Hygienic pads: 1-2 packets of hygienic pads to use against bleeding.
Nipple cream: Nipple cream to protect the tip of the breasts.
Breast Milk Pump: It is used to prevent formation of abscess when the breasts are overly full.
Breast milk collection pouches: These are used to preserve the excess breast milk of the mother.
Compress pads: to apply cold and hot compress to the breasts.
Nipple shield: To ensure that the nipples remain dry and gather the leaking milk.
Personal Care materials: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, cream for stretch marks, moisturiser, scentless deodorant.