Your house that was once quiet and calm is now full of joyful laughter and merriment in tandem with your growing baby. One of the most special aspects of motherhood is that nothing can replace those joyful sounds, not even quiet and calmness. No music or sound could take the place of the happy gurgling of a baby. And once you hear these sounds you never want them to cease.

However, sometimes your baby may need comforting and a little encouragement to be merry again. It is easier than you think to make them forget their fretting and start smiling again. The following are 5 pieces of advice from Molfix to ensure the happiness of babies and mothers as well:

1) First run the necessary checks

Your baby might be crying because of hunger, or a dirty diaper, or lack of sleep. Try feeding her, changing her diaper and putting her to sleep. If this/her is not enough to calm her down, you can seek other means to make her feel better.

2) Take a break

Your baby might be tired of playing even if he/she’s not sleepy. Take him/her your arms and give him/her some time to rest.

3) Make your voice heard

The best sound you can make to calm your baby as you hold her in your arms is “shh”. Lean close to your baby’s ear and softly say “shh”. You will notice her calming down and relaxing and even maybe falling asleep. It could be that your baby wants to hear the soft tone of your voice. You can talk to her in a soft tone of voice or sing a song.

4) Show him/her interest

Your baby needs you more than anything. Hug him/her to calm him/her down, dry his/her tears, kiss him/her and rub his/her tummy and back. Your warmth and calmness will relax your baby. Even if this/her is not immediately the case, don’t give up. Faced with your affection, he/she will relent.

5) Go outside

Most babies like going outdoors. A few minutes spent at the park or on the street could make your baby forget all her discomfort.

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