Our happiest times are when we play games with our children, spend peaceful minutes by just sitting down and hugging each other, taking trips full of laughter or sleeping in tranquility snuggled next to each other… we usually wish these times would go on forever…

It is possible to extend these happy times. You can change the ways you use your time to consequently schedule in the things you wish to do and even come up with some extra time. It is possible to feel much more energetic, and be able to create many happy hours for both your child and you when you use your time smartly.

Happy suggestions that would save you time

It may prove to be very efficient to make daily time schedules. In the same manner that you schedule your meetings, you can schedule in dinner preparations, completion of a jig-saw puzzle with your child, or an excursion to the park. If everything you want to accomplish does not fit in your schedule, you can determine what can be postponed or insignificant and reschedule for another day and time.


Starting everyday with two objectives, one small one big, this/her could put everything into perspective and help you put the unnecessary details on the back burner. This/her will make it possible for you to create time for the things you enjoy.


You can also create time by planning a step ahead. For example; before placing the clean dishes that you remove from the dish washer into their places, you can set aside the plates, glasses and cutlery you may need for dinner and spend the time saved on this/her task with your loved ones.


You can cook in excess of your requirements and freeze the extra meal in the deep freezer to be used some other day. As such, a part of the time you spend every day in the kitchen will be freed up for you to use it as you wish.


On busy days, you can use disposable products to eliminate any extra work. For example; you can use disposable plates, cutlery and drink your water from paper cups or the bottle when you don’t have time to take care of the dirty dishes.

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