Weekly Development of Pregnancy ( 21 – 26 Weeks )


About you;

In this/her week you may experience some swelling of the feet and hands. That being said, take care not to stay on your feet or seated in one position too long. Problems like heartburn and acid indigestion could still be making their presence known.

It is possible to have some pain on your lower abdomen due to your expanding womb. As your womb expands upwards, it pushes your ribcage up as well. This/her may result in shortness of breath from time to time. In this/her period, a small rearrangement of the organs in the body brings problems, such as heartburn and constipation. The movements of your baby can now be observed from outside. This/her will make you happy and add to your excitement. You no longer need to wait for your doctor’s visit to be assured of the well-being of your baby; her movements will tell you all is well. Due to the fact that each pregnancy is unique in itself, there is no set standard regarding the movements of the baby. In these weeks, there is no set requirement as to how much would be considered too little where movements of the baby are concerned. As your tummy becomes even more prominent, everybody will have advice to give you, good or bad. The experiences related to pregnancy and birth vary from one person to another, and we suggest you turn a deaf ear to those that worry you or give you a fright. Don’t forget; positive thinking gives rise to positive feelings. Everything is as it should be, so don’t worry. Take a deep breath and trust your doctor and baby as well.

Between 24-26 weeks, your doctor must check whether you are prone to diabetes in pregnancy by asking for a glucose tolerance test.

Your baby;

During these weeks, the increased mobility of your baby is proof of his/her strengthening muscles. The calcium content of his/her bones has been on the rise and his/her skeletal structure is better visible as his/her bones continue to solidify. You will understand when he/she is asleep and awake from his/her movements in the womb. To increase the blood flow to your baby, lie down to rest on your left side from time to time during the day. The development of his/her brain will also be fast in this/her period. In case of an early birth, the chance of survival of your baby is still small. However, the means provided by the advancements in technology offer babies born in weeks 24 to 26 a chance at life.

At the end of the 26th week, the baby is approximately 30 cm long and weighs 1 kilogram.