Recent studies show that the increasing number of IVF incidents and the majority of anomalies observed in newborn babies are the results of environmental and technologic contamination also based on the diet and the lifestyle of the parents of the baby. In other words, the genetic structure of the baby is affected by these factors, which in turn affect the creation of healthy future generations.

It has also been observed that babies from parents who have healthy eating habits are not generally prone to these problems. Even the intelligence and beauty of the baby is closely related to his nourishment in his mother’s womb. Health nourishment during pregnancy starts with healthy eating habits and the lifestyle adopted by the parents 6 months prior to the pregnancy itself.

Babies are greatly affected by their mother’s diet when they are in the womb. Babies of mothers that have sugar and carbohydrate heavy diets are born overweight and with insulin resistance. The risk of an anomaly in the baby of a mother who has high blood sugar levels can be higher.

Expectant mothers, prior to and during their pregnancy

● Can reduce the risk of cleft palate, deformities and down syndrome that the baby could develop by using folic acid.
● Reinforce the bone and dental structure of the baby by taking care of their vitamin D deficiency.
● Positively affect the brain and eye development of the baby by means of omega-3 supplements. Moreover, these reduce the risk of giving birth to a premature baby.
● Reinforce the immunity system of the baby by taking sufficient amount of probiotics.
● Reduce the risk of any anomalies at birth by getting the insulin resistance of the body under control.
Summarily, pregnant and wishing to be pregnant expectant mothers must follow a diet that is rich in proteins obtained from varieties such as green-leaf vegetables, meat, eggs and yogurt and that is well supplemented by legumes, as these reduce the intake of carbohydrates. You should also avoid sweets. You must avoid harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, sleep regularly and exercise outside in the fresh air to have a healthier pregnancy which would be easier to manage.

In consideration of the fact that the organs of the baby form within the first trimester of pregnancy, you should start on a healthy and natural diet months ahead of becoming pregnant. Insufficient intake of nutrients during pregnancy would increase the risk of a high birth weight, miscarriage or pre-term birth.