Baby Shower is a new trend that has come over from the States; and because people have taken an instant liking to it, it is now all the rage among expectant mothers. Well then, what is a “Baby Shower”?

It is a party organized to take place in preparation of the baby as the mother approaches the end of her pregnancy. These parties are usually organized by the expectant mother’s closest friends. The purpose behind these parties is the purchase of the articles needed for the baby, as indicated in a list provided for this purpose, by friends, in line with the requirements of the family. And the party is a joyous occasion, with entertaining games and activities.

How to organise Baby Showers:
 Whoever organises the Baby Shower, be it a close friend or a member of the family, must inform the expectant mother of her intention to do so.
 The 2nd important step is to decide where to hold the party. Either you will hire a firm to organise the event or you yourself will handle the organisation of the party either at home or outside at a café or restaurant. Regardless of the venue you choose, do not forget to determine a nice theme for the party.
 You will need to prepare the list of invitees together with the expectant mother and then prepare the invitations.
 A list of what is needed for the mother and her baby can be prepared together and either this list is shared with a store involved in this line of business or managed by the person handling the organization.
 Assuming that a theme has been determined for the party, the menu and the cake can be prepared along the lines of this theme or if you trust your creative skills, you can prepare menus containing different authentic foods.
 You can prepare small gifts to remember the day for friends who will be attending the baby shower.
 Last but not the least, the beautiful expectant mother, the reigning queen of the party, must plan for her dress, hair style and make up.

Now we are as prepared as we could be for this beautiful event. What do you think happens during the party? Conversation with friends, reminiscing of the past… and lots of crazy fun, fun, fun 🙂 Who said pregnancy and crazy fun don’t go hand in hand? You can have the time of your life by playing different games and revisiting your childhood, at least in your memories…

Let us give you an idea for a game:

A Competition of Nappy Fastening: Using a doll, arrange a competition to see who is the fastest nappy fastener with Molfix Diapers. Whoever fastens the diaper in the shortest span of time wins the game. You can prepare small, silly gifts in advance to hand out to the winners to remember the day by.