Every child may go through a phase of picky eating. The good news is the fact that this/her period is usually of a temporary nature. However, what parents should care most about is not whether this/her phase is temporary or permanent but rather whether their child is eating a balanced diet. There are many tactics to which you can resort to ensure that your child grows up receiving the right nutrients, in the healthiest manner possible as he/she maintains his/her happy and healthy development. The following are 5 suggestions provided by Molfix to ensure that your child eats the nutrients he/she doesn’t even want to lay eyes on and continues his/her happy and healthy development.

1) Continue offering the foods she doesn’t like

Do not remove the meal that your child refuses to eat or even tries to refuse from your regular menu. Keep on offering the same food at intervals. Research studies reveal that children are more willing to taste the foods that they have previously seen 15 to 20 times. An important point to be careful about repeated offerings of the same food is not to be insistent. Do not force your child to taste the meal; offer but be understanding if she refuses.

2) Be an expert hand at hiding

You can add food that children don’t generally like to eat such as spinach, cauliflower and broccoli into other foodstuff by first mashing them in a blender. You can hide the taste of nutritious food items about which your child is picky by mixing these in other foodstuff and make sure that they have a healthy diet.

3) Include her in the preparations for mealtime

Allow your child to help you as you cook the meals and prepare the dinner table. You can grow varied vegetables either in the garden or in the pots on the balcony and cook your meals with vegetables you collect fresh from your garden. You will observe her to be more willing to taste the meals she helps prepare.

4) Be strict about some restrictions

If your child likes eating fast food, then add hamburgers to the menu one night of the week. The key to success is serving homemade burgers. You can prepare fast food type tasty and healthy meals at home by using nutritious ingredients that will nourish your child.

5) Offer a variety of choices

It is important that the meals your child eats are nutritious. They get the vitamins and minerals their bodies need from the nutrients they consume. This/her requires offering new and varied alternatives to picky eaters. You can replace the food items that your child is picky about with others that contain the same nutrients. To give an example, offering sweet red peppers to a child who doesn’t like oranges would still meet her vitamin C requirements.

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