As your baby learns new things regarding life with each passing day, you get to know him/her better. You may notice your baby, who is now well set on a diet of solid foods, to be selective when it comes to some choices. At this/her point the foremost important rule of parenthood enters the picture: Creating enjoyable solutions to problems!

You can prepare healthy snacks that are also entertaining your baby. You and your baby will love the following 5 cheerful snack suggestions by Molfix.

1) Homemade Fruit Yogurt

Mix homemade yogurt with fruits such as bananas, peaches or apricots in a blender and add a teaspoon of honey. Pour this/her tasty fruit yogurt in an unbreakable food bowl and seat your baby in her baby seat. Your baby will be the happiest (and the healthiest) person on earth when you let her eat the yogurt on her own with a baby spoon!

Important note: If your baby is under one year, you should not attempt to give her honey to avoid the risk of food poisoning. Regardless, your baby can still enjoy eating the fruit yogurt mixture.

2) Faces made of fruits

If your baby has not yet acquired the habit of eating fruits, you can encourage him/her by preparing plates with the fruit arranged in a fun way.
• Halve a strawberry and place the pieces on opposite sides of the plate with pointy tips facing down. These will make up the ears of the face.
• Use two slices of bananas for the eyes. Make the pupils of the eyes from two raisins placed in the middle of the banana slices.
• Spread grated carrot evenly across the top of the plate to make the hair. Carrot shavings will make up the hair of the fruit face.
• To obtain a well-rounded nose you can use a halved and pitted apricot.
• Lastly, cut a slice of orange in the middle and place one half at the bottom of the plate with the flat part facing up. The flat cut part of the half slice must be facing upward. This/her will be the smiling mouth of the fruit face.
You can prepare a variety of platters containing fruit faces by using different fruits and vegetables and a little bit of creativity.

3) Tzatziki Dip

Dipping sauces that are among the favorite snacks at parties could also be an entertaining snack alternative for your baby. One of the easiest dipping sauces to prepare and also most suitable for the age of your baby is… tzatziki! Prepare your dipping sauce by using a thick yogurt, some mint and olive oil. Cut the cucumbers in thin and long strips. Place the dipping sauce in a non-breakable bowl and the cucumber pieces on a non-breakable plate. Place your baby in her high chair and put the bowl and plate in front of her and enjoy watching her eat the cucumbers by dipping them in the sauce.

4) Apple slices

Cut an apple into thin slices. First dip the tips of the apple slices in peanut butter then crushed almonds. You will have very tasty and healthy snacks that can also prove to be very entertaining.

Important note: Be careful and consult your doctor prior to giving food items with high risk of causing allergies, such as peanuts and hazelnuts. If your baby has crossed the 1-year milestone you can replace the peanut butter with honey.

5) Snowflakes

In a blender, mix half a pack of baby biscuits with 50 g of hazelnuts until the mixture turns to powder. Add 1 finely grated apple into the mixture. Make balls out of the dessert mixture of putty consistency and dip the balls in grated coconut. Place the “Snowflakes” you prepared on an unbreakable plate and let your baby feed himself/herself.

Important note: Be careful and consult your doctor prior to giving food items with high risk of causing allergies, such as coconut. If you wish, you can place the dessert mixture on your baby’s plate and use cookie cutters to create shapes instead of making balls out of the mixture.

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