Weekly Development of Pregnancy ( 26 – 30 Weeks )


About you;

You are getting close to the end of the 2nd trimester. Not long left till the birth of your baby. Your weight increases as your womb, placenta and baby continue to grow. Linked to this, you may experience more of the back pain, cramps and headaches that have plagued you in the past weeks. Breathing exercises as well as physical activity can improve your condition, eliminate the aches and pains due to the deterioration in your posture and strengthen your muscles. You may lose some sleep at night if your baby is active and naughty as well. We recommend a diet high in fibre and fluids to solve the problem of constipation that you will frequently experience in this/her period. You may experience some abdominal pain due to the pressure on your ribs. Support your back while sitting, avoid sudden moves and take care not to put pressure on your back when moving. Starting from the 26th week, your circulation system will go through a change and although the volume of your blood may not peak at this/her stage, and as the widening of blood vessels will stop, this/her may lead to some minor fluctuations in your blood pressure. Your blood pressure must not exceed 14/9. You may experience some swelling in your hands and feet. However if the swelling is sudden and severe, then pre-eclampsia could be suspected. If this/her is the case, you should consult your doctor without delay. There might also be some increase in your cholesterol level due to changes in your hormones. Your appetite might diminish due to the pressure on your stomach. We suggest an interval of at least 2 hours between the time you last eat and go to sleep. Irregular cramping of the womb is possible due to the pressure on it. You may have some itching on your abdomen in this/her period. You can use creams suitable for the purpose to reduce itching.

Your baby;

In these weeks, the brain and lungs of your baby will be developing. The contours of the brain become more defined as the growing brain needs to fit in the skull. Your baby may change her position in the womb. In this/her period her head is usually up. She can execute summersaults and turn herself around. Do not worry if your baby’s head is up, she will flip down in the weeks prior to birth. If your baby is in the breech position, the birth of your baby will be through cesarean section as a normal birth would put too much stress on the baby and you as well. Her eye lids are open now. She can distinguish between dark and light. During the monthly ultrasound examinations, you may be happy to see your baby sucking on her thumb or hand.

At the end of the 30th week, the baby is approximately 35 cm long and weighs 1-1.5 kg.