Expectant mothers like to look their best and think about the clothes to wear during their 9-month pregnancy. Actually, during the first 3 months they can wear their regular clothes and they don’t need to purchase a whole lot in the remaining 6-month period as it is relatively a short period of time.

In the first three months you can continue to dress in your regular clothes. However, you must be careful not to dress in very tight clothes that could prevent blood circulation in this period. Furthermore, do not go for very high heeled shoes again in this period. Even if your body does not change much in the first few months, you could still feel uncomfortable due to the effects of the hormones.

The second three-month period: You are entering a period in which your tummy will be growing and you will no longer be able to zip up your pants. Your breasts gradually start milk production in this trimester. You should buy a new bra to accommodate the larger size of your breasts. A cotton bra suitable for the new shape of your breasts would be a good choice.
Choose cotton panties that are not too tight around the waist. Underwear made of synthetic material is neither healthy nor comfortable. Put aside your high heeled shoes to be worn after birth. Choose comfortable and wide shoes with 2 cm high and wide heels. Choose cotton pants with enlarged waists instead of ones that are too tight and form-fitting.

The last 3 months: This is a period in which you must rest as much as possible. You will observe your body, breasts and even your feet swelling and changing. In this period, you must wear comfortable clothes that are not too tight and choose sweatpants that are comfortable around your tummy. When walking you must choose sport shoes with heel support. In the last months of pregnancy, oedema can occur, especially on the feet. You must buy a new cotton bra in the right size to accommodate your growing breasts.