By the time your baby turns one you will have long been used to carrying a diaper bag containing all the basic supplies for your baby’s care. Don’t think of it as just a bag. The things you take along with you in this/her bag will make it easier for you to meet your baby’s physical needs as you enjoy your time out with her.

You don’t need to think over the things your baby might need as you get your diaper bag ready. We have already prepared a comprehensive list for you. Each time you need to prepare your diaper bag, you can check this/her list to determine the items you might need.

– Diapers (after determining the number of diapers you might need based on your baby’s habits, you can add a few more for good measure.)
– Wet wipes (you can choose to carry small packages or large tubs, depending on the time you plan to spend outside.)
– Rash Cream
– Hand sanitizer (you can carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use on your hands when you change your baby’s diaper at a place without the facilities to wash your hands.)
– Changing mat for the baby (as a precaution against the mat getting soiled you can have a spare with you.)
– Small size garbage bags (to avoid leaving an odour behind in the garbage cans you use, you can use small garbage bags to bag and seal soiled diapers inside before disposal). (Furthermore, you can use these bags to separate the soiled clothes of your baby from the clean ones.)
– Bottle
– Bottles full of pumped breast milk or formula milk
– Age appropriate snacks for your baby
– Water (either in a bottle or a training cup)
– Baby blanket
– Spare articles of clothing
– Pacifier, toys and books etc. that would comfort your baby.
– Hat, sunscreen and similar items
– Paper tissue
– Wide breastfeeding blankets (blankets of fine material to protect you from stares when breastfeeding your baby)
– Breast pads (for breastfeeding mothers)

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