That special day when you take your baby in your lap is the defining point in your life; you are reborn and you have given life, and mothers to be should take care to decorate the hospital room in order to better receive guests coming to congratulate and share their joy and make it more memorable. You can do this off your own back, or you can have it done for you by special firms that operate in this field.
Nowadays, so many alternatives may be included or excluded that are tailor-made. We have prepared some alternatives to give you an idea:

What are the Options in Decorating the Hospital Room?

Door Decorations:
● Decorations that are hung on the room door on which your baby’s name is written and that can be decorated in many different ways according to the gender of your baby.
● Little decorations on door dressing (ribbon or tulle).
● Small cakes or candies with the name or birth date of your baby
● small water bottles / small jars
● chocolate and cookies
● Flavored sorbet
Decorations and Details for the Room
● Balloons, decorating papers etc. and wall decorations
● Welcome posters and banners
● Decorating the foot of the bed with tulle
● Decorating the baby’s bed
Tailor-made for Mom:
● Maternity slippers, maternity crown
● Diary – pen
● Small presents as souvenir