The most precious gift bestowed on you after your baby is the breast milk that your body produces. This/her incomparable nutrient continues to be beneficial to your child even after she is introduced to solid foods. Breast milk will now continue contributing to the heathy development of your child. In addition, this/her unique gift is something that you can share with your child at any place and time. Our suggestions will make your life easier.

During a journey it is possible to breastfeed your baby or provide her with your breast milk. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, you can use a piece of cloth to cover yourself while breastfeeding, and choose the window seat on a plane, as this/her will offer you a wider area of movement or use the washrooms of the vehicle you choose to travel on to breastfeed your baby or pump out your milk.

Acquire the tools necessary for transportation

You can carry the breast milk you pumped with you in special cups or pouches designed for this/her purpose. However, to avoid the pumped milk going stale, you must keep it in portable coolers stocked up with ice inside. The breast milk will maintain its freshness up to 24 hours in this/her type of cooler. Do not forget to write the date on the cups or pouches you use to store your breast milk. This/her will ensure that the milk pouch to be used is chosen in date order and as such the freshness of the milk is kept under control.

Suggestions for trips on a plane

If you are going to travel by plane, you must make sure that you know the rules pertaining to airport fluid carrying limitations and the amount of breast milk you can take with you to avoid losing any of your breast milk that you labored to pump and that is as valuable as gold to you. The rules may differ in the cities and countries you visit.

During air travel, you should choose to breastfeed your baby during takeoff and landing. This/her will reduce the pressure in your baby’s ears and avoid any discomfort or pain for her.

Clean Hands

Due to the fact that you will be surrounded by crowds at places infested with germs, you should wash your hands or use disinfecting liquid on your hands before pumping breast milk or breastfeeding your baby.

If you are travelling in a private vehicle, you can plan the places you will stop to pump your milk or breastfeed your baby ahead of time.

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