Deciding to get pregnant is one of the turning points in a person’s life. Deciding to bring a human being into life is an exciting, miraculous decision that brings responsibilities that are heavier than expected. In deciding to have a baby, we must be ready for it both spiritually and physically and also make the necessary preparations.
In this section, we will provide you with some information on how to get ready for the momentous event of creating a baby after a successful and healthy pregnancy.

Book an appointment with your doctor
In choosing your doctor, the most important person to help and aid you in spirit and body in this 9-month long magical process and make it possible for you to take your tiny baby in your arms, the warmth and sincerity he/she displays are an important role in addition to his/her professional credentials. Your doctor will ask questions regarding you, your spouse and family medical background and will want to learn whether there are medications you continuously use. Have the tests suggested by your doctor performed.

Stop using birth control
Regardless of whichever birth control method you use; be it the birth control pills, spiral, monthly or 3-monthly injections, you have to stop doing so at least a few months in advance.

Leave behind any bad habits like cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption
If you have any bad habits, like smoking or drinking, now is the time to give them up. Moreover you should reduce your caffeine consumption too.

Stock up on folic acid
Regardless of how healthy you eat, it is not possible to meet your requirements in nutrients from the food you consume alone. Folic acid is a water soluble vitamin B. It is not stored in the body therefore it needs to be taken daily as a supplement. Folic acid aids the protein synthesis, cell growth, bone marrow functionality in the body and plays an important role in the development of the baby.

Eat healthy and keep your weight under control
To have a healthy baby, the prospective mother and father must adjust their eating habits before the pregnancy, start paying more attention to their health and the prospective mother must seek the help of a dietitian to keep her weight under control.

Take part in an exercise program
Walking, swimming and similar types of activities can be easily performed, both before and during pregnancy. During pregnancy, training on baby care and delivery for prospective mothers and fathers as well as breathing and yoga exercises for the prospective mothers prove to be quite useful.