Touch is the most healing gift that people can give each other. A touch on our shoulders unconsciously has a comforting effect. The skin is the largest organ of the body. A touch to the skin, a massage applied, relaxes our body, improves our circulation and consequently reduces our aches and pains.

It is prohibited for pregnant women to use drugs for back, lower back pains and headaches during pregnancy, thus the healing effect of the touch and body massage becomes even more important. In many cultures, body massage is customarily applied during pregnancy, birth and on the baby as well. Midwives specialised in the subject can even help with the position of the baby at birth by using massage and positioning of the body. Body massage is something that has been in application for a long time and it is used in the treatment of many diseases. On the other hand, a body massage applied in the after math of the birth to help the uterus shrink in size provides support to the hips, increases the milk supply, shows its effect on the new mother, and ensures an easier post-pregnancy process.

Body massage is also recommended as a good solution for the cramps experienced during pregnancy. However, the person applying the body massage must be trained for pregnant women and you must obtain your doctor’s approval.