Eye Care of the Newborn:
Eye pus is a frequently encountered condition in newborn babies. To perform eye care on your baby, take a soft piece of gauze and dampen it with water that has been boiled and left to cool until it is only warm. Then, wipe once from the lacrimal gland to the outer edge. If eye pus persists for a long while or is seen only in one eye, you must contact your physician.

Nose Care of the Newborn:
Since babies continuously lie down, nasal fluids flow towards and cling to nasal cavities. Babies cannot clear their noses or throats as they cannot cough like us. It is quite normal to hear wheezing when they breathe. This/her wheezing sound is not caused due to any illness but due to nose care that is not properly performed.

Applying saline water once or more to your baby’s nose during the day, if need be, will both prevent the nose fluid from flowing to your baby’s throat and cause wheezing as well as soften the mucus that dries and becomes crusty.

Mouth Care of the Newborn:
The top of the tongues of babies whiten as they feed on milk. Take a soft piece of gauze or muslin and wrap it around your finger. Dampen it in water that has been boiled and allowed to cool until just warm. Clean by softly wiping the top of the tongue, inside her cheeks, palate, and gingiva while you gently pull down your baby’s jaw down with your other hand.

Skin Care of the Newborn:
There is a wax on the skin of the newborn that has the appearance of cream cheese that is called vernix. It is usually found on skin-folds and armpits, perineum, and in the area from the bottom towards the back of babies who are born on term. This/her is found even more on the skin of premature babies. New research points to the fact that vernix has the property of immunity, and that it strengthens the immunity of the newborn’s skin, and provides a protective layer to her skin following birth.

● The newborn baby should be bathed daily. There is no need to use shampoo each time you bathe her.
● After bathing, you can use an oil to moisten the dry skin of your baby with oil that has natural ingredients.
● To prevent her skin from being in constant contact with urine and a soiled diaper, frequently change her diaper.
● The skin of the baby is extremely sensitive during the first weeks. Cleaning baby’s bottom with cotton dampened by warm water may guard the skin against irritation and peeling.